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Collins Inspection Services - Folsom Ca Home Inspection Report

Property Home Inspection Report

  • Time: Afternoon
  • Age: Built 1990 per MLS Size: 2779 Sq. Ft.
  • Weather: Cool
  • Remodel of kitchen and master bath noted. Check permits.
  • Certified Home Inspector: Scott A. Collins
  • Home Inspection Certification: InterNachi, BPI CSLB
  • 3941 Park Drive, Suite 20-164, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
  • Phone: 916-705-5542
  • Email: | Home Inspection Services Folsom, CA

Home Inspection Report - Folsom, CA

We appreciate the opportunity to conduct this home inspection for you! Please carefully read your entire home Inspection Report. Call us after you have reviewed your home inspection report, so we can go over any questions you may have. Remember, when the home inspection is completed and the report is delivered, we are still available to you for any questions you may have, throughout the entire home inspection closing process. Properties being inspected do not "Pass" or "Fail.” - The following report is based on an inspection of the visible portion of the structure; inspection may be limited by vegetation and possessions. Depending upon the age of the property, some items like GFI outlets may not be installed; this report will focus on safety and function, not current code. This Home Inspection report identifies specific noncode, non-cosmetic concerns that the inspector feels may need further investigation or repair. For your safety and liability purposes, we recommend that licensed contractors evaluate and repair any critical concerns and defects. Note that this report is a snapshot in time. We recommend that you or your representative carry out a final walk-through of the Home inspection immediately before closing to check the condition of the property, using this report as a guide.  


Exterior Home Inspection Area

1. Roof
2. Chimney
3. Gutters & Grading
4. Driveway . Walkways
5. Siding
6. Vegetation
7. Decks & Steps
8. Electrical, Exterior
9. Doors
10. Window Condition
11. Fencing & Gates
12. Exterior Plumbing
13. Exterior Notes

Exterior Home Inspection Description

As with all areas of the house, we recommend that you carefully examine the roof immediately prior to closing the deal. Note that walking on a roof voids some manufacturer’s warranties. Adequate attic ventilation, solar / wind exposure, and organic debris all affect the life expectancy of a roof (see for roof info). Always ask the seller about the age and history of the roof. On any home that is over 3 years old, experts recommend that you obtain a roof certification from an established local roofing company to determine its serviceability and the number of layers on the roof. We certainly recommend this for any roof over 5 years of age. Metal roofs in snow areas often do not have gutters and downspouts, as there is a concern that snow or ice cascading off the roof may tear gutters from the house. Likewise, be advised that such cascading may cause personal injury or even death. If this house has a metal roof, consult with qualified roofers or contractors regarding the advisability of installing a damming feature which may limit the size and amount of snow / ice sliding from the roof.

Grading and drainage are probably the most significant aspects of a property, simply because of the direct and indirect damage that moisture can have on structures. More damage has probably resulted from moisture and expansive soils than from most natural disasters. Also, there should be gutters and downspouts with splash blocks that discharge away from the building. With Exterior Home Inspections we have discovered evidence of moisture intrusion inside structures when it was raining that would not have been apparent otherwise. In addition, we recommend that downspouts do not terminate over paved areas such as walks or driveways, as they can contribute to icy slip and fall hazards in winter. Minor settlement or “hairline” cracks in drives, walks or even foundations are are normal to properties of any age. They should, however, be monitored for expansion and sealed as necessary. Note that any siding, but especially composition or hardboard siding must be closely monitored. A classic example is the older style Louisiana Pacific siding, where the failure and deterioration provided grounds for a class action lawsuit. Even modern composition siding and, especially, trim, is particularly vulnerable to moisture damage. All seams be must remain sealed and paint must be applied periodically (especially the lower courses at ground level). It is imperative that continued moisture be kept from it, especially from sprinklers, rain splash back or wet grass. Swelling and deterioration may otherwise result.

Vegetation too close to the home can contribute to damage through root damage to the foundation, branches abrading the roof and siding, and leaves providing a pathway for moisture and insects into the home.

Although rails are not required around drop-offs less than 30”, consider your own personal needs and those of your family and guests. By today’s standards, spindles at decks and steps should be spaced no more than 4” apart for the safety of children. Open window wells should have either grates or, preferably, a weatherproof shield installed over them. This will keep rain and snow from building up inside the well and possibly leaking into the home, as well as minimizing your liability from children and non-residents falling inside them. An egress ladder should also be installed within the well, especially at below-grade bedrooms. 

Interior Home Inspection Area

1. Garage
2. Basement / Crawlspace
3. Attic.
4. Electrical Panel
5. HVAC Unit
6. Kitchen
7. Master Bath
8. Bath
9. Bath #2
10. Plumbing & Laundry
11. Interior Electric
12. Floors, Ceilings & Walls
13. Windows
14. Fireplaces & Stoves
15. Stairways

Interior Home Inspection Description 

This home inspection does not include testing for radon, mold or other hazardous materials unless specifically requested.

Plumbing is an important concern in any structure. Moisture in the air and leaks can cause mildew, wallpaper and paint to peel, and other problems. The home inspector will identify as many issues as possible but some problems may be undetectable due to problems within the walls or under the flooring.

Note that if in a rural location, sewer service and/or water service might be provided by private waste disposal system and/or well. Inspection, testing, analysis, or opinion of condition and function of private waste disposal systems and wells is not within the scope of a home inspection. Recommend consulting with seller concerning private systems and inspection, if present, by appropriate licensed professional familiar with such private systems. If a Septic System is on the property, pumping is generally recommended prior to purchase, and then every three years. Interior areas consist of bedrooms, baths, kitchen, laundry, hallways, foyer, and other open areas.

All exposed walls, ceilings and floors will be inspected. Doors and windows will also be investigated for damage and normal operation. Although excluded from interior home inspection requirements, we will inform you of obvious broken gas seals in windows. Please realize that they are not always visible, due to temperature, humidity, window coverings, light source, etc. Your inspection will report visible damage, wear and tear, and moisture problems if seen. Personal items in the structure may prevent the inspector from viewing all areas, as the inspector will not move personal items.

A home inspection does not include the identification of, or research for, appliances and other items that may have been recalled or have had a consumer safety alert issued about it. Any comments made in the report are regarding well known notices and are provided as a courtesy only. Product recalls and consumer product safety alerts are added almost daily by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. We recommend visiting the following Internet site if recalls are a concern to you:



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