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Home Inspection Report - Folsom, CA | Decks and Steps

7. Decks & Steps

Home Inspection Observations:

  • Steps from front door lead into planter. Suggest placing pots or other items to block path to planter.
  • Stair stringer is water damaged at deck.
  • Handrail not graspable at deck. By today's standards, rails should be configured that a hand may grasp around a rail for safety.
  • Signs of water damage at deck framing. Refer to structural/ pest report for detail. Suggest sealing framing to prevent further damage.
  • Handrail height is >38" at front steps. Handrail is missing end cap.
  • Rail spacing exceeds the 4 inch spacing at deck which is considered safe by today’s child safety standards.
  • Height of tallest riser compared to the shortest exceeds 3/8" at front stairs. This can be a trip hazard.

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