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General Folsom Home Inspector | House Inspector Folsom

For the General Folsom Home Inspection, We start with the foundation. Some of the main components of a home inspection can be boiled down from the floors and any existing walls in the house. Where deterioration is suspected, Collins home inspector will access whatever area in question that needs further inspection. It is not un common that we have to crawl under basements, and into attics.

Looking for a specific Home Inspector in Folsom?

  1. Insulation Home Inspection
  2. Appliance Home Inspection
  3. Roof Home Inspection
  4. Electrical Home Inspection
  5. Plumbing Home Inspection
  6. Air Conditioning Home Inspection
  7. Interior Home Inspection
  8. Exterior Home Inspection

Exterior Home Inspector Folsom: We then move on to the next step of our home inspection process which includes the exterior of your home.

Plumbing Home Inspector Folsom: Plumbing can also be a very important factor when a home inspector visits your home. There are many different pipe lines that could have a number of things wrong. If you are not sure if you have a problem, it is very possible that you might have a minor problem right now and a home inspection could save you thousands down the road.

Roof Home Inspector Folsom: Inspecting a Roof is always a very important part of a home inspection. There are many different styles and types of roofs. If you do not have a certified home inspector, do not let an un experienced inspector inspect a roof. Many things can be overlooked and this can be a very costly mistake.

Heating Home Inspector Folsom: Heating can be very nice in the winter, but what happens when the heater gets left on for an extended period of time. Also we have seen a fire start when the whole family is at home because some of the electrical wires got too hot, or even a wood stove had really light embers flying out and the family couldn't even see them. Depending on if you have a wood stove, electric heater, gas heater, you should still have a Folsom Home Inspector come take a look.

Electrical Home Inspector Folsom: Electrical Problems in your home can lead to some of the most deadly home problems today! More house fires, kitchen fires, and exterior kitchen fires have been started from electrical problems. Diagnosis of home electrical problems are extremely difficult because people usually do not have house plans to go over and find the electrical problems.

Air Conditioning Home Inspector FolsomAs a Home Inspector in Folsom We quickly can pin point the problems that more air conditioning units have. Home Inspections can recognize the performance of your air conditioning listing to how fast the unit comes home, as well as checking all the vents in the house and finding which vent blows the coolest of hottest can let us determine where the problem is coming from.

Interior Home Inspector FolsomA general interior home inspection generally takes about 2 to 4 hours depending on the size of the house. With our home inspections services we can generate a report for you on the spot and can print it right then and there for you.

Insulation Home Inspector Folsom: As a certified energy consultant we have seen many times in track homes and many other homes that there is a small amount of Insulation. Simply by adding more insulation to your existing insulation can save you money on your electricity bills. With that being said you can save more money by adding insulation to places in your house that have never had insulation installed.

Appliance Home Inspection: With more and more homes installing built in appliances a Home Inspector is necessary to check how the appliances were installed to be sure it was done correctly. With the cost of the installed units going up to add on top, it is best to be sure you and your house is protected so nothing happens in the future to your built in appliances.



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