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Home Inspection Report - Folsom, CA 

Summary of Items of Concern

On this page you will find, in RED, a brief summary of any CRITICAL concerns of the inspection, as they relate to Safety and Function. Examples would be bare electrical wires, or active drain leaks. The complete list of items noted is found throughout the body of the report, including Normal Maintenance items. Be sure to read your entire report!For your safety and liability, we recommend that you hire only licensed contractors when having any work done. If the living area has been remodeled or part of an addition, we recommend that you verify the permit and certificate of occupancy. This is important because our inspection does not tacitly approve, endorse, or guarantee the integrity of any work that was done without a permit, and latent defects could exist. Depending upon your needs and those who will be on this property, items listed in the body of the report may also be a concern for you; be sure to read your Inspection Report in its entirety.

Note: If there are no comments in RED below, there were no CRITICAL system or safety concerns with this property at the time of inspection.

Exterior Home Inspection Areas

Inspection 4 Item: 1 Roof

  • Hole in flashing at east side of house.
  • Storm collars at plumbing vents degraded and should be immediately replaced.

Inspection 7 Item: 7 Decks & Steps

  • Rail spacing exceeds the 4 inch spacing at deck which is considered safe by today’s child safety standards.
  • Height of tallest riser compared to the shortest exceeds 3/8" at front stairs. This can be a trip hazard.

Inspection 7 Item: 8 Electrical Exterior

  • Weather proof covers for outlets at back of house are damaged and should be replaced.
  • Garage, Basement & Attic

Inspection 10 Item: 1 Garage

  • Driveway to garage slab transition may be a trip hazard.
  • Possible water leak in garage behind water service shut off in front flower bed.
  • Threshold at exterior garage walk door may be trip hazard.
  • Water damage noted on gypsum board between garage doors. Monitor area for leaks.
  • Garage opener does not have auto reverse function.
  • Garage-house door does not close and latch automatically.
  • This is to act as a fire stop, and keeps exhaust fumes out. Electric, Heat, Water Heater.

Inspection  12 Item: 2 HVAC Unit

  • Wire insulation was damaged in condensing unit. Suggest replacement by licensed electrical contractor.

Inspection  13 Item: 3 Water Heater

  • Vent for make up air does not appear to be open to outside. This should be reviewed by a licensed general contractor.


Interior Home Inspection Area

Inspection 14 Item: 3 Bath

  • GFCI trip test failed. Have electrician evaluate.

Inspection  14 Item: 4 Bath #2

  • GFCI trip test failed x2. Have electrician evaluate.

Inspection 14 Item: 6 Interior Electric

  • No carbon monoxide sensors noted. Current CA law requires installation on each floor.

Inspection 15 Item: 10 Stairways

  • Spindles exceeds 4 inch spacing, which is considered safe by today’s standards.

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