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Exterior Home Inspection Notes

Note:  That minor settlement or “hairline” cracks in garage or basement slabs are not noted in an inspection, as they are normal to properties of any age. They should, however, be monitored for expansion and sealed as necessary. Residential inspections only include garages and carports that are physically attached to the house. They are not considered habitable, and conditions are reported accordingly.

Inspectors are not required to enter any crawlspace areas that are not readily accessible, less than 36” clearance, wet (electrical shock hazard), or where entry could cause damage or pose a hazard to the inspector. We recommend that all attic hatches have a batt of fiberglass insulation installed over them, and that the hatch be sealed shut with latex caulk. This will keep warm moist air from entering the attic, which may cause condensation or even mold. Note that every attic has mold; mold is everywhere. Some attics have some minor visible mold. This is often a result of the building process, when materials get wet during construction. If there is extensive mold, or mold that appears to have grown due to poor maintenance conditions, we will report it to you, the client. If the hatch is sealed shut when we go to inspect the attic, it can only be unsealed by the owner or their representative, as our insurance prohibits us from performing any destructive testing or entry. In accordance with industry and insurance standards, we will not attempt to enter an attic that has no permanently installed steps or pull-down stairs; less than thirty-six inches of headroom; does not have a standard floor designed for normal walking; walking, in the inspector’s opinion, may compromise the ceiling below; is restricted by ducts, or in which the insulation obscures the joists and thereby makes mobility hazardous, in which case we will inspect the attic as best we can from the access point, with no comments or evaluations of areas not readily viewed from the hatch area.

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