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Old to New Inspection

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ask a Home Inspector | Local Folsom Home Inspection

Home Inspector Inspecting a New Home. With the purchase of a new home, expecting a finished product free of major problems is justified. However, minor repair items often found in a new home may include incorrectly wired circuits, cracked roof shingles, missing miscellaneous hardware, binding doors, paint touch up, cracked window panes, dirty HVAC vents and filters, scratches in finished wood, and drywall nail pops. Inspection on a new house should not show any signs of foundation settling, water intrusion, soil erosion, or improperly functioning appliances or mechanical components.

Home Inspector Inspecting a Two to Ten Years Old. A house that is 2-10 years old may begin to show routine wear and tear, but should be structurally and mechanically sound. Most foundation settling will occur by now (however, if a drainage problem is left unresolved future damage may occur). An Inspection of the electrical and mechanical systems should also be conducted to assure proper operation.

Home Inspector Inspecting a Eleven to Twenty Years Old. A house that is 11-20 years old will begin to show additional signs of age and degradation. There may be a need to repair and replace some components such as wood rot, sealant, roofing shingles, and cosmetic surfaces. If the appliances are original, they may be nearing their expected service life. The structural elements, as well as the major electrical and mechanical equipment, should still be in adequate condition at this age. It may be in your best interest in looking into a home inspector.

Home Inspector Inspecting a Up to Forty Years Old. As a building ages, it is common to experience some settling or movement in the foundation, floors, walls, ceilings and other areas. Our home inspectors will anticipate replacing some major systems and components such as heating and air conditioning equipment, roofing materials, major appliances, and some electrical and plumbing fixtures.

Home Inspector Inspecting a Historic Buildings. A Home inspector will find many different things when purchasing a historic home be aware that there might be significant structural issues, as well as outdated construction techniques and components that may need addressing. Mortar may be failing and fireplaces may not be safe to operate. Settling, spauling plaster, binding doors, inoperable windows, inadequate electrical and heating components, and inadequate insulation are common with homes of this age. Extensive repairs and upgrades should be anticipated and budgeted, and a local home inspector can give you a better idea of exactly what it will take.

The above generalizes the anticipated conditions for homes of various ages. A professional Folsom Home Inspector Inspector can inform a homebuyer of important issues. A Home Inspection consists of a thorough visual examination of a home’s structural components including the foundation, superstructure, and roofing systems, where accessible, plus the major electrical and mechanical components. Much of what a Folsom Home Inspector points out is for the buyer’s edification and not intended to be a catalyst for immediate repair. The role of the inspector is to provide potential homebuyers with accurate information on the property so that they can make an informed purchase decision.




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