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Folsom Electrical Home Inspections

Many times as a local home inspector in Folsom we find that Electrical problems are found very often. Electrical home inspections are very important for your home if you going to buying or selling. We strongly recommend that you do not do home inspections yourself. Electrical home inspections can be very dangerous. If you think that you may have an electrical problem at your house call a certified electrical home inspector in Folsom today. Home inspections by Collins Home Inspections in Folsom, CA are done by a licensed Home Inspector or a certified electrician.

At Collins Home Inspections we use a device that tests polarity, voltage Ampere load, and GFCI functionality. As a Home Inspector this device comes in very handy and if you do not have the proper device for doing and electrical home inspections, do not try it by your self at home. With this test we can check whether or not the ground pin receptacle is connected inside the receptacle box. We sometimes find mechanical problems or broken receptacle units when we run this part of a home inspection.

Sometimes receptacle wiring does not pass voltage tests. In this case you are looking at having a certified Home Inspector specializing in Electrical will need to fix some things. Electrical problems may include; undersized wiring, loose connections, or multiple electrical box connections that were wired incorrectly.

A certified home inspection of your GFCI (Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupter) is very important. A GFCI (Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupter) is in your home to prevent electric shock. Depending on where you have GFCI receptacles, we will inspect each and every one and make sure it is doing its job correctly. Your GFCI should be installed in your garage, laundry room, bathroom, kitchen, basement, and may times even outside.

If you have any wall switches that are in reach from wet areas that may be located in your garage, laundry room, bathroom, kitchen, basement then they need to be relocated.

There are many different items that a Folsom home inspector should be looking for. As a home inspector we look for loose electrical connections, electrical wiring sizes, improper electrical grounding, and any type of electrical corrosions.

We find that many older homes that have older wiring deteriorate overtime and having a Folsom home inspector come in a look for signs of aging wire may eliminate bad situations. Checking for unsafe electrical conditions like bare terminals on old light fixtures and switches and taped junctions not protected in junction boxes may also save your home from serious disasters.

There are many reasons people choose Collins Home Inspections, but one is for certain, we will find the problem area and fix it.

Keeping you safe as always.


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